As single men are well aware of, there are many people who feel they need to get married. Does being a bachelor cause any negative effects on a man? A recent study showed that there are advantages and disadvantages to married and singleness.

Healthier When They’re Older

Single men are far more successful than married men at maintaining healthy friendships with other adults. Single men are more likely to plan more recreational outings and trips rather than simply call or text them.

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Better social interactions have been linked to a healthier life as an elderly person. Friendships stave off memory loss that comes along with old age. The cultivating and maintaining of strictly platonic relationships fulfill a key emotional need for humans, and better emotional health leads to better physical health.

More Likely To Become Criminals

The study also reveals that bachelors are more likely than married men to become a criminal. All over the world, there are statistically more single men in prison than married men.

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The numbers also show that men who are married and have children are even less likely to become criminals than men who are only married. This is likely because a man who has both a spouse and children realizes, even more so than a bachelor, that other people count on him.

Less Likely To Have Money

Bachelors make close to half as much less than married men. This does not mean that bachelors are destitute or that married men are wealthy. Married men have more expenses, and some of them work backbreaking hours to make the necessary income.


Single men have fewer expenses and are able to maintain a better work-life balance. Whether you’re married or single, you can thrive if you set goals for yourself and surround yourself with positive influences.