French women are renown for their fabulous sense of style. From their outfit choices to their beauty regimen and everything in between, they exude class and sophistication. So we’ve put together five hacks that’ll help you look as radiant as the ladies of Paris, from the ladies of Paris themselves.

Parisians Generally Believe ‘Less Is More’ With Makeup

On the whole, French women prioritize natural beauty, which means when it comes to makeup, less is definitely more. They value each woman’s individual appearance and only use coverup to highlight their features. For your daytime look, try to stick to a lick of mascara, neutral eyeshadows, and a bit of blush.


They Love Simple Hairstyles

Again, simple hairdos go hand in hand with the natural look. Instead of a slicked-back do plastered with gel and hairspray try and opt for a casual ponytail, a loose braid, or flowing beach waves. All of these looks are very popular among French women, plus they look divine.


French Women Stay Away From Logos

Generally, the women of France prefer clothes from unknown brands. After all, there are tons of stylish boutiques for them to choose from. It’s very rare they’ll adorn themselves in apparel showcasing a large logo on it. Some, even believe it’s crass to hint at the expense of an outfit.


Apply Bold Red Lipstick

For years, French women have rocked bright red lipstick. It’s the perfect way to transform your look from day to night. For the best results, prime your lips with a lip balm. This helps the pigment sink in, ensuring the shade packs a punch and doesn’t rub off as quickly.


Leave Your Face Alone

There’s a reason why Parisian ladies bost such gorgeous skin. On the whole, they make it their mission not to touch their face, and they wash their hands as often as they can. This helps to ensure that they don’t transfer any necessary dirt onto their face that can trigger acne.